....On a variety of things - such as how to set up group, how to get organised, forming a committee, writing your constitution, finding a place to meet and help with your funding and general backing when you're up and running.
....Opportunities, which vary from helping at NEDCASH offices, Representing us at meeting, Helping within groups and organising our Support , Training and Expenses are offered volunteers are always welcomed, whatever their skills.
....on training opportunities, what's happening in mental health services, campaigning and research, funding, self - help, networking and any other
relevant material.
REPRESENTATION key strategic planning meetings within metal health services. We aim to generate services by presenting the views of the service users to those involved in delivering the service.
....are available to our members and individual users of mental health services. While they may be limited due to funding restrictions, we believe in equality of opportunity and give access via loan arrangements or on a drop in basis. We're always open to suggestions and can help you source anything you might need.
ADVOCACY anyone who is unhappy with the quality of mental health services they are recieving or a problem with your group. This means we want you to present your view pointor refer you if necessary.
If you would like to know more about any of these services, please E - mail us now by clicking here
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