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And the Winning Entry Is ...

Our esteemed panel of judges voted 'blind' for their favourite entries, and the following is the one with the most votes.


She was the most beautiful of the Creator’s children at the banquet. As the afternoon drew on, she grew weary and slipped away from the table. She slid silently through the open doors into the sunny garden, and melted away into the sunset. But then, ice sculptures will do that.

Mini-Saga Update

The entries are in. While the number of entries wasn't overwhelming, the quality is stunning. It amazed me how easily most people adapted to the form, and the variety of topics covered a wide spectrum.

The judging is now underway, spread over as many "judges" as possible. Hopefully, the results will be posted here by the end of next week (1st July) with the "winning" entries. All the entries will be posted soon after.

Stay tuned

Mini Saga Competition

Time is running out for entries into the Fine Words Spring Mini Saga competition. Closing Date is Friday 13th May 2005. Post them, e-mail them, hand deliver them (you'll get a complementary cuppa with this method) just get them to NEDCASH by hook or by crook.

A quick recap of the rules:

The minisaga must be 50 EXACTLY, excluding the title
hypenated words count as two words
normal contractions (it's, can't, won't George's etc) count as one.
No more than 15 words in the title!

Theme: Spring, new life, re-birth but anything that catches your fancy really.
As many entries as you like.

We've already had some good entries so let's see what else we can get.


The phone was perched in its recharger on the windowsill. It rang so I crossed the room and picked it up. The plastic casing was scorching to the touch. “This isn’t good,” I said “the phone will get ruined.” “Oh,” said my colleague “stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

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