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Such Love

Such love that a man could lay down his life
For our wants and our needs to be supplied,
With such love He suffered death on the cross
Midst prejudice and tears of sad loss.

For our sake Jesus was scoffed at and scorned
Had placed on his head a crown made of thorns,
Pierced in his side by the edge of a sword
With love his precious blood shed for all.

Such love he could feel from the cross looking down
Of those who in faith he could see midst the crowd
Deeply distressed, they stood weeping and sighing
Doing their utmost to save him from dying.

So deep was his love on Calvary that day
He suffered in agony our sins to repay
Finally he surrendered, his dying wish “to forgive”
In hope that a new life free from sin we might live.

Often in this world troubled with violence and shame
We question ourselves, was his death all in vain?
Then upon deeds done with love and kindness we gaze
And for the love of God’s son we give thanks and praise.

Dora's World

My name is Dora and my knowledge of flora,
(Plant life that is not the spread)

Was gained when my life was affected by strife
The time of the Second World War

When an ounce of that and an ounce of this
Wasn’t enough to survive the blitz

We dug up the grass and planted veggies instead
We harvested spuds, lettuce and tomatoes so red

They made treats for supper and dinner and tea
Extras for the family and sometimes for me

But we earned our daily bread not once but twice
Working all day and digging all night.

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