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The Love of A Father...

By Michael Mason














My son Adam Darren was born at 8am on the 27th June 2007. I have always wanted to be a father but I never thought I would ever get the chance. I met my partner Joyce 4 years ago and she has turned my life around.

When Adam was born he completely changed my outlook on the world. I held this little person in my arms awestruck that here was my son.

I hold Adam close to me and hear his little noises while heís trying to talk to me. When he looks up at me I know I am his daddy and I must teach him all he needs to know and raise him to be the best he can be.

On-going mental health problems have been with me for many years and will probably be with me for years to come, but my beautiful partner Joyce and my son Adam give me a perfect reason to wake up every morning.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Daddy, please be careful where you put that bottle.