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“I got fired for calling in sick too often - so much for absence making the heart grow fonder.”


If we call the two 10 pint jugs jugA and jugB, the four pint jug4 and the five pint jug5 we can do the following.

Fill jug5 from jugA.
Fill jug4 from jug5.
Pour jug4 back into jugA.
Empty jug5 into jug 4.
Fill jug5 from jugA.
Fill jug4 from jug5.
Empty jug4 into jugA.
Fill jug4 from jugB.
Fill jugA from jug4.

Both jugs now contain 2 pints.


Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top.


Man overboard




The heaviest dog is Jam, next heaviest is Pumpkin, next is Copper, then Brandy, and the lightest is Jelly.


In the list of girls' names, the second letter of each name is the first letter of the next. In the list of boys' names, the second-to-last letter in each name is the last letter of the following name.


An hourglass - filled with many grains of sand or other granular material.


If the statement is true, then it must be false; but if it's false, then it's true! The word for a statement that contradicts itself is paradox. This is probably the only statement you can make that is neither true nor false.